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About gulf riyadha

Gulf Riyadha Trading Company is one of the reputed distributors of Poly Urethane products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our dedicated and flawless service has helped to achieve and win the customer confidence in GCC Market.

We mainly engaged with the business of chemical distribution, Total solution for insulation. Spray systems for roof and floor insulation and buildings, pipe insulation, Freezer, Furniture, Decoration, Sandwich Panels etc.

Our goal is to make customized products based on customer specifications. The complete range of polyol products with International standard and quality to fulfil the requirement of our customer.

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Foams come in different shapes and sizes and it also has different applications. It is predominantly used in the furniture making, mattresses, and other commodities in the market today. Specifically, Insulation products, based on MDI, conserve energy in housing and commercial properties, and play a critical role in the food supply chain – keeping products at the right temperature in refrigerated vehicles, chiller cabinets and refrigerators. Polyurethane insulation products play an important role in addressing some of the emerging global megatrends, such as energy management.

Globally, about half the energy used in the life of a building is for heating and cooling, so effective insulation is a major priority. Compared to other building materials, polyurethane insulation has the highest thermal resistance(R-values) at a given thickness and lowest thermal conductivity.

Use of polyurethane insulation products in residential and commercial buildings helps meet advanced energy codes, contributes toward green building certifications and provides comfort to the building occupants.

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